Whether you are just beginning with meditation or you are already an experienced meditation practitioner, you need to make the most out of meditation supplies. The right meditation equipment can take your meditation experience to the next level, enabling you to enjoy your sessions while sitting comfortable on your favorite meditation cushion.

Meditation Supplies – To Buy or not to Buy

Truth be told, one of the most important aspects about meditation is choosing the right meditation cushion for you. Of course, people meditated for thousands of years without using comfortable cushions. They would sit on the floor, on a rug or on a chair. However, those times are long gone. You can now use meditation supplies and greatly improve your meditation experience.

There are many people who have no clue about meditation, but promote ancient yoga and meditation techniques, without using a mat, pillow, cushion or chair. However, real practitioners who have actually experienced meditation with and without meditation mats have realized that there is a huge difference between doing it the old way and making use of modern technology.

Here are 5 reasons why it is wise to buy meditation supplies.

  1. Stay Fit

The human body is neither predictably curved nor flat. Without the right amount of support, the body succumbs to the hard shape of the surface it rests on. In other words, if you sit on a simple chair, rug or on the floor, your spine, legs, hips, shoulders and head can become misaligned, which results in extra strain and discomfort.

This is where meditation supplies come in. Meditation pillows, yoga bolsters, yoga blankets, meditation cushions and yoga cushions, and other similar meditation accessories and props, can greatly improve your comfort level and posture, enabling you to stay fit and healthy without experiencing the familiar back pains.

As with any type of practice, whether cooking or building houses, meditation is an activity that requires the use of certain tools in order to give you a proper experience. Stay fit when practicing meditation and enjoy a top-notch meditation experience.

  1. Have a Better Posture

A meditation mat enables you to enjoy a perfect posture. Some of the most common meditation postures include the half-lotus, full-lotus, chair sitting, kneeling and lying. You may use any of these postures during your daily meditation sessions.

When sitting on a comfortable mat or modern meditation chair, you enjoy a greater flexibility of your hips, knees and ankles. To have a better posture, it is imperative to buy your favorite meditation cushions and to ensure they are of the highest quality possible.

  1. Proper Alignment

During meditation, having a firm foundation is crucial. Your spine should be erect, with the upper back curved out and the lower back slightly curved in. This “s” type alignment supports your body and gives you the greatest level of comfort.

For instance, in the lotus position, the Zabuton and Zafu cushions work best. Either way, you need to choose the right meditation cushion for you that gives you a proper spine alignment and lets you reap all the benefits of meditation without endangering your health.

  1. Personalization

Cushions come in a wide variety of designs and colors, and are made from a plethora of materials. You can even order your own personalized cushion with an image you enjoy.

Generally speaking, each basic color affects your personal level of energy as it follows:

– Violet, purple and plum: restores inner balance

– Red: elevates energy levels, it’s linked with fire energy

– Blue: this is the calming color which helps you enjoy a deep state of relaxation

– Yellow: clears the mind and lifts your mood

– Orange: this color induces healing in both body and mind

– Black: induces discipline and deep inward focus

– Green: encourages deep breathing, creates calmness

  1. Comfort

Lastly, meditation supplies let you enjoy a whole new level of comfort. It is a proven fact that regardless of your meditation position, proper alignment and a firm foundation are essential. Support cushions and meditation chairs are essential in helping you achieve that level of comfort that keeps your whole being in balance and prohibits you from being distracted by any external factors.

Choosing the Right Meditation Cushions for you

meditation cushion diagram

There is a plethora of ways to sit while performing your favorite meditation sessions. While some people prefer to do it in specially crafted chairs or meditation benches, others prefer to sit on the floor. However, one can’t sit on the floor when practicing yoga or mindfulness meditation, because it is not comfortable at all and could harm your body more than you expect.

People who choose to meditate on the floor think that an ordinary household mat, pillow, soft cushion or blanket may suffice. However, speaking bluntly, ordinary household cushions can’t compare with the comfort and stability offered by meditation cushions.

Investing in a good meditation stool or meditation pillow is a very wise choice, not only for helping you enjoy a perfect level of comfort, but also for preventing injury and for keeping your body fit and in shape. The good news is that choosing the right meditation supplies for you is not such a daunting task, especially if you follow the tips and steps listed below.

For Starters – Things to Know About Shopping for Meditation Cushions

Meditation supplies come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, being made from a plethora of materials. Each type of material influence the durability of your cushion, the way you feel and the experience you have while meditating.

Besides choosing the right style for your needs, it is imperative to ensure that you pay attention to the quality of the meditation supplies you want to purchase. Unless you have a nearby store that offers high-quality meditation mats and cushions, you are probably dependant on the internet to find the right cushion for you.

Tips on Choosing the Right Meditation Cushion for you

Before looking at some tips on how to pick the right meditation cushion for your needs, it’s important to look at some basic aspects about posture. When talking about meditation tools, you need to remember that it all revolves around your skeleton. Comfortable sitting will always depend on the spine ability to maintain its natural curve.

When the curves are properly aligned, the human body has the ability to hold itself together. However, a huge problem that appears when meditating is that, due to the structure and shape of the hip joints, the sacrum tilts backwards instead of leaning forward, and it also becomes vertical. When this happens, the body needs to spend much more energy just to sit upright. As a result, you get tired extremely quickly and you won’t be able to last through the whole meditation session.

Performing yoga exercises could prove to be quite a daunting task for people who suffer from back pain. Thus, you need to sit high enough when practicing meditation in order to enable your pelvis to tilt forward so that your spinal curves perfectly fall into place. This is where meditation cushions come in, being specially designed to give you that extra height your spine needs in order to stay upright.

This idea is backed up by a study performed by a group of scientists from the University of Florida. They have conducted a study on meditation posture and have reached this conclusion: regardless of the position you choose, whether sitting on a chair, lying down, half lotus, lotus, Egyptian or Burmese, it is imperative to keep your spine steady, straight and comfortable.

However, as important as your back and spine are, they are not the only part of your body that needs proper care and attention during meditation sessions. Your ankle joints, knees and hips are equally important. If not positioned correctly, all of them can become distracting and painfully uncomfortable.

When choosing a meditation cushion for your needs, you need to take a good look at your own unique meditation style. Do you prefer to relax and sit in mindful silence for very long periods of time or do you prefer a more active meditation style such as Buddhist meditation or yoga?

Selecting the right meditation supplies for you mainly depend on your answer to the above question.

  1. Active Style

If you have an active meditation style, you should probably go with a larger mat, which enables you to move from one place to another and position yourself in a wide variety of poses. You can also go with a Zabuton.

Unlike other cushions, Zabutons have built-in knee support and are large enough to support any type of poses, from lotus to cross-legged. With any other options, your knees touch the mat, the floor or the blanket. With the zabuton, your knees have a reduced stress and you get to enjoy extra padding when you sit cross-legged or in your favorite lotus position.

In order to elevate your pelvis using the Zabuton, you can use this trick: fold one fourth of the Zabuton beneath you, right below your buttocks. This gives you an extra 2.5” in elevation. You can now sit comfortable without experiencing the negative side effects of having the wrong mat underneath yourself.

Zabutons are a great option as a yoga cushion. Because a yoga meditation cushion needs to be large enough, yet made of a stable material that does not move underneath your body, the zabuton mat is the perfect choice for active style meditation practitioners. Zabutons are usually made of the same materials as gomdems and zafus, but they are slightly thinner.

  1. Mindful Silence

On the other hand, if you just prefer to sit in mindful silence and reap the benefits of mindfulness meditation, you can choose from meditation pillows, zafu cushions, chairs and gomdems.

A zafu cushion is probably the most common type of meditation cushions available to meditation practitioners. Its ergonomic design allows the zafu meditation cushion to offer you a comfortable experience, with proper posture and correct spine alignment. Although a zafu does not offer any back support whatsoever, it gives you a more comfortable sitting position and enables you to reap all the benefits of meditation without endangering your health.

Having a zafu on top of a zabuton give your knees perfect cushioning and enables you to enjoy a truly elevated pelvis. Zafu usually comes in two main types:

– You can choose the traditional round, stuffed pillow that contains millet huts or buckwheat, cotton or kapok. All of these materials are perfect to sit on and can support your body for extended periods of time.

– The other type of zafus available on the market are considered the best meditation pillows one can choose for a fulfilling meditation session. Of course, we are talking about the kidney-shaped zafu cushions, which work best for meditation enthusiasts who love to sit in the lotus position.

Gomdems are probably the most advanced meditation cushions, being relatively new on the market. Despite being on the market for such a short time, gomdems provide a totally different experience than traditional cushions such as zafus, lotus meditation chairs or zabutons.

These rectangular-shaped cushions are quite similar to mini platforms, averaging 6 inches in height. They are more bulky and less portable. However, godmens let you enjoy a much better meditation experience without putting any strain on your spine.

Lastly, a portable meditation chair is definitely not a cushion, but a unique type of meditation supplies. This is the best solution for people who prefer to meditate while sitting on the floor, but want to sit in a comfortable position.

Normally, you can choose from up to five different inclines, from completely flat to upright. Pair the meditation chair with a zabuton in order to extend your legs and enjoy a superior level of comfort while performing your favorite daily activity.

You can easily buy a meditation chair online and select the right color, size and material that caters to your needs. Do not forget to try other meditation products and supplies.