We live in a world and age where we experience spiritual awakening at a higher degree than ever before in the history of mankind. We live in a unique time of awakening, where the desire to change and to evolve is greater than ever before. An increasing number of people are coming to realize that they need to change many of their practices which have lasted too long or are simply inadequate for them.

A Huge Awakening is Here

Many people are now eager to take their lives back and get rid of the model imposed by the society we live in. They are willing to go to great lengths to escape this negative model and to start living the life they always wanted to live – a true life of happiness, not one dictated by the media, movies, television or newspapers.

The world is also awakening in terms of health and nutrition. There are countless documentaries that denounce the cruelty that is happening in the food industry and the genocide that is taking place worldwide. Add to that the destruction of our beloved planet’s resources and the high toxicity in our rivers and food sources.

An increasing number of individuals and independent scientists are becoming “alive” and are starting to create their own support groups and NGOs, spreading worldwide the naked truths about our planet and about the genocide that is taking place as you read. These people are able to change the masses. Conversely, other people are focusing inwards and are willing to change themselves. Coupled with the desire to change the world, the latter are those who experiment a spiritual awakening.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

If you are eager to discover more about what a spiritual awakening really represents and if you are thinking of becoming part of this worldwide movement of awakening, you have come to the right place. I was thinking the exact same thing a couple of months before. Since then, my life has never been the same, especially as I’ve experienced some extraordinary signs of spiritual awakening.

We’ll get to that in a moment. First off, let’s have a look at what spiritual awakening really is. In simple terms, spiritual awakening or spiritual enlightenment is the realization of what actually is real. This realization is reconnecting you with the divine, with the purpose of all things, with the Person that stands before all of creation.

The truth revealed by spiritual awakening is an invigorating moment, where you realize the truth like never before. This spiritual awakening experience, which usually comes as a result of mindfulness meditation or yoga practices, is a dramatic shift in consciousness, an improvement which is due to the realization that everything has a purpose and that mankind was created for a greater purpose.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Here are 12 symptoms of spiritual awakening you’ve probably never known. Once you will dive deep into this practice of spiritual awakening, you will get to enjoy both physical symptoms of spiritual awakening and certain unique spiritual awakening experiences that will help you perceive the world differently. Let’s have a look at the most common awakening symptoms you might experience.

  • Stop Worrying

Probably one of the most practical and beneficial spiritual awakening signs is that you will stop worrying so much. Once you realize that there is more to this life than your person and once you take other aspects into account, including God, the universe, human experiences and even other races, you realize that you are accomplishing nothing by joining the rat race and by worrying, just like everyone else does.

When you’ve experienced spiritual awakening, life becomes much lighter and any type of fear begins to subside. You begin to see things differently. You stop worrying about common things such as reputation, peer approval, money or popularity. Instead, you begin to realize that your sense of identity and self-approval comes from something much deeper than your peers. You now have a relationship with the Universe and you trust it with your whole being. Fear is all gone now.

  • You Start Noticing How Many Aspects in your Life Synchronize

Another result of spiritual awakening is that you start noticing more and more coincidences that appear in your life. Most of these coincidences have a profound meaning, and the simple probability that all of them are occurring at the same time means that it is simply too insignificant to state that these aspects can be attributed to mere chance.

When all of your energy, emotions, thoughts and actions are aligned in the same direction, it means that you are on the right track. This is one of the most powerful awakening symptoms, because it leads to practical changes in your life.

For instance, after meditating for several months, I’ve started to notice that one of the best meditation side effects in my life was a spiritual enlightenment and awakening. I’ve also noticed that many aspects in my life started to synchronize like never before. I’ve got a great job and found an amazing girl over just a period of two months. Good things began happening to me. I attributed this to the fact that I started to understand who I really was and I also grasped the truth that my happiness did not come from the outside, but from the inside.

  • Your Desires and Interests Change

When you experience spiritual awakening, you are slowly transformed. You are now enthralled by wisdom, knowledge and experience, just like I was. You start to love going out and experience the amazing nature, and you want to spend your spare time reading a book or hanging out with a friend in the nature instead of watching a movie or ordering a pizza from the comfort of your home.

The moment when you realize the infinite power that resides within you, video games and movies become less attractive. Your soul becomes alive in you, and you feel like you’ve been born again. You may also start to distance yourself from those friends that were holding you back from reaching your true potential. You know for sure that something has changed deep inside of you and that your mask you were wearing is gone forever.

  • You Start to See Clearer all of your Negative Habits

Among many spiritual awakening signs and symptoms, the fact that you start to see yourself for who you really are, or more accurately for who you really were, is invigorating and mind blowing. You realize that there were some things in your life that were holding you back and that you’ve experienced some addictions that were literally killing you. Now you gained the power to give them up and live free of those negative influences.

  • You Gained a Deep Sadness and Understanding About the People who Suffer in the World

Once you are spiritually awakened, you start to realize the hard way that there are many other people in the world less blessed than you. As you become more and more aware of the huge suffering in the world, you start to have strong feelings of sadness and despair. You suddenly start feeling responsible for all those people who suffer and are hungry throughout the world.

As a result of this new insight, you might fall into a depression that might go for days or even weeks. Do not be worried – it will pass eventually, but you will remain stronger, more responsible and more devout to the poor and needy.

  • Hypersensitivity

Hypersensitivity is one of the most interesting, yet intense signs of a spiritual awakening. This is also one of the most prominent kundalini awakening symptoms, in addition to tingling, itching, involuntary jerks and crawling sensations.

Hypersensitivity enables you to see things from a whole new light, but it also makes you hypersensitive to many new things and feelings. That’s not always the best thing that might happen to you. To discover more about hypersensitivity, read this article: http://lauramarietv.com/how-to-live-in-this-world-being-hypersensitive/.

  • Increased Inspiration and Creativity

Being creative nowadays is not such an easy task, especially as we as humans deal with so many stressors and are constantly bombarded by so many negative thoughts. However, becoming creative is a must, especially if you are an artist. One of the biggest benefits and results of having a spiritual awakening is that your creativity increases considerable.

A boost in creativity is synonymous with more success in everything you set out to do and comes with better results. The more creativity and inspiration you’ll have, the more people will begin to admire you, and the higher your self-esteem will get. When you create, you begin to feel alive. You feel like you’ve found your true mission on Earth and you are finally able to see it accomplished.

  • The Willingness to Finally be yourself

Spiritual awakening comes with many signs and symptoms. One of the most prominent is the fact that you are finally able to see yourself for who you really are and you accept yourself just as you are. You don’t want to be defined by someone else or by the society anymore, but you want to be defined only by yourself. You are also tired of wearing the same mask every single day.

When you notice within yourself this willingness to finally be yourself and let it all go, you are ready to embrace who you really are. You have gone to the next level and you are finally ready to live each day at its fullest.

  • You are Paying Attention to what type of food you eat

One of the best symptoms of spiritual awakening that can be noticed by everyone around you is that you are now paying close attention and are more aware at what you put in your mouth. You start to naturally reject some foods, while being quite attracted to others. You are more than ever eager to take care of your body and do everything it takes to capitalize on the energy of fruits and veggies.

Each type of food has its own level of energy. The more you meditate and the more you awake your whole being, the higher your body vibrations will get, and you will be attracted to other types of food. This is the exact same reason many spiritual people and gurus are unable and unwilling to eat animal products. Some people also stopped eating products that contain gluten, refined flours or aspartame.

  • You Try to Stay Away from Conflict

If you notice that you are much more peaceful than ever before and that you want to stay away from conflict, it means that you are probably experiencing one of the best meditation effects on brain and on the soul. You are literally a changed person who is unwilling to get into fights anymore or to keep arguing.

Now, any type of conflict makes you uncomfortable. You prefer to stand alone in an atmosphere of inner pace and serenity than to take part to gossip or to mock someone else.

  • You are Tired all the Time

The process of spiritual awakening comes with big changes in your lifestyle. One of the most important is the change in sleep patterns. You feel tired when waking up even though you spend more time sleeping. You may also wake many times during the night and you may experience panic attacks.

  • You have a Strong Connection with the Nature

Lastly, you begin to love the nature much more than anything else. You don’t see animals as non-intelligent or non-sensitive beings anymore. Instead, you have a strong connection with them and you care about their wellbeing. You also care much more about the nature and you find yourself spending hours alone, gazing at the mountains or at the ocean, whichever is nearer.

The Bottom Line

I’ve experienced spiritual awakening and I’ve also experienced some of these symptoms. Did you experience any? Leave us your impression or comments below. Leave us your precious comment to understand you more.