Is Guided Meditation Worth a Try?

Many people have been asking me over the years if guided meditation is really the solution to many of their problems. I prefer not to give them a direct answer, but to list the amazing benefits of guided meditation and to offer them some comprehensive meditation guides that might work in their cases.

If you are here looking for guided meditation tips or you simply want to learn for yourself if this amazing technique is right for you, then you have landed on the right page. Read on to discover everything you might ever need to know about guided meditation for beginners.

Why Guided Meditation?

We live in a world and age where billions of people suffer from pain, chronic stress and tension. Due to the daily stressors combined with an ever-increasing pollution, people are in desperate need to integrate those activities in their lives that brings them peace, makes them calm and offers them a state of balance. Guided meditation is one of these imperative activities.

Guided meditation is a focused mental activity that offers to people a state of peace and balance, helping them to enjoy life again and make the most out of each day. This powerful activity has a wide variety of benefits. Here are some of the most important advantages of integrating this practice into your daily routine.

  1. Guided meditation has a positive effect on your overall cognitive abilities, enabling you to have an increased focus, have more concentration, enjoy an increased memory and develop new skills quicker.
  2. Enjoy a unique, magical experience. This mind journey enables you to dive into the unknown and discover a whole new territory.
  3. Increase your mental wellbeing in order to better cope with anxiety and depression.
  4. Guided meditation will enable you to think clearer and remove any thoughts that are trying to cloud your view.
  5. This practice has been proven to help improve quality of life and treat many illnesses.
  6. Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.
  7. This unique form of meditation improves your brain thinking and takes your visualization skills to a whole new level.
  8. Greatly improves the connection between your left and right brain hemispheres.
  9. Slows down your heart rate, improving your physical health and enabling your metabolism to function properly.
  10. Guided meditation helps you relax like never before.

Most of these benefits were felt, tasted and experienced by millions of people worldwide. I’ve also had the privilege to experience some of them. The great news is that they are not all that matters about guided meditation. This practice comes with many other extraordinary benefits, but I’ll let you find them by yourself.

Here are many more benefits of guided meditation listed by category, from psychological and emotional to spiritual and physical.

Guided Meditations Audio

With the advent of guided meditation, more and more gurus and meditation professionals are starting to create guided meditation techniques and to have their own guided meditation classes. Healing energy practitioners and yoga therapists have inspired many people to enjoy a multi-sensory experience by harnessing the power of guided meditation.

You can find plenty of guided meditation cds and guided meditation audio tracks to support your meditation efforts. For instance, Michelle Alva, a world-renowned meditation and yoga teacher, has created her own meditation cd named : “Free Yourself”. This is an audio cd, offering a complete guided meditation experience spread over 6 chapters. You can purchase it through Amazon  clicking here.

Let’s take a look at the main chapters of this meditation cd. They are similar to what you will find on any other guided meditation cds.

  1. Let go and Love

In this 14-minutes long recording, you learn how to give up all of your anger, tension and hard feelings you hold deep inside. Learn how to release all those negative emotions that have been affecting you for a while. Find out how to fill yourself with the unique power of love and experience the amazing feelings of content and gratitude for who you really are.

  1. Increase your Awareness

This is a 11-minutes long chapter that teaches you how to be present in the moment and stop being distracted by all those annoying thoughts that appear throughout the day. The awareness meditation teaches you how to clear emotional blockages and be rejuvenated once again.

  1. Clear the Fear

Fear, combined with guilt, worry, shame or anxiety, can literally wreak havoc in your life. This 12-minutes long recording teaches you how to get rid of any type of fear that is holding you back from living life at its fullest and stops you from reaching your full potential in life.

  1. Fly High

This is where you learn to let it all go and fly as high as eagles. This guided meditation helps you reach new heights and empowers you to step out of your comfort zone, being confident enough in yourself and in your power to succeed. The Fly High chapter could prove invaluable for those who are facing real life challenges or are seeking a major change in their lifestyle.

  1. Energize me

If you are looking for more energy to deal with the daily struggles and hassles, and you need extra motivation to keep going, this audio chapter is the right one for you. Learn how to stay connected to your higher power and how to be energized in order to enjoy living life at its fullest.

  1. I am Worth It

This is the last chapter of this audio cd, and probably the most important one. In this part you will discover why you are worth it and you will get to know you more. Feel how special you truly are and discover why many others envy you and are jealous on your accomplishments.

This audio cd is just an example of a guided meditation cd you can use. There are many more that could prove just as valuable. You can always buy an audio cd that offers guided meditation for kids or adults. The choices you have are practically endless.

Guided Meditation Script

There are many guided meditation scripts you can use to calm your mind and relax the body. You can choose from basic meditation scripts, meditation scripts for healing, meditations for growth and learning, meditation scripts for improving self esteem and other guided meditation scripts.

You can find many meditation scripts online. Let’s have a look at two particular script examples.

  1. Dealing with Grief: the surest way to deal with grief is to normalize the grief experience and to overcome this feeling by understanding the main stages of grief. For starters, find a relaxed position, either lying down or sitting. Next, start focusing on your loss. Take a deep breath, and continue breathing slowly in and out. Repeat the process for as long as necessary, while thinking of your grief and taking hold of your loss, accepting it as something natural, something that was normal to happen to you.

Grief can be cause by various losses or circumstances. You have to pinpoint the exact circumstance that has led to your negative feelings. Next, accept your grief and anger as an integral part of yourself. Let your body become calm, serene, and imagine your soul being united with the grief.

Dealing with grief is similar to recovering from a physical injury. Both processes take time and are quite difficult. However, once you accept the feeling of numbness, anger and grief, you will get to a point where things will seem normal again.

  1. Self-Esteem Improvement Meditation: another interesting type of meditation that has been proven to be extremely effective nowadays is self-esteem guided meditation. Using the power of guided imagery meditation, you can promote a positive self-image and enjoy a whole new frame of mind.

To begin, relax your body, breathe deeply and focus on the following phrases:

“ I was created to be a winner.”

“I appreciate the person I’ve become.”

“I deserve all I have now.”

“I deserve to be truly happy.”

“I am an extremely precious human being, and many people see that in me.”

“I embrace all my feelings and I at peace with myself.”

“I enjoy the present, but I also look forward to the future.”

“I accept my emotions, even though my mood is low. I am certain that I can control my mood and that I can boost my self-esteem whenever I want to.”

These are just some example phrases you can use to boost your self-esteem and increase your confidence in yourself.

How to Guide a Meditation Class

If you are interested in guiding your own meditation class, you are in luck again, because they are tons of free resources online that can help you do that. For instance, in this article in this article, you can discover all the steps and advanced methods to teach yoga and guided meditation to a class of students, both adults and children.

To stay in control of your guided meditation class, you need to first tune in, then to energize the students and then use the right techniques in order to maximize your efforts. At the end of the class, do not forget to ask questions and make sure your students have understood the lesson.

In case you want to practice guided meditation for children, it is also important to know how children behave and to understand how you can be useful to the little ones. Here are some precious tips on how to enable kids to capitalize on the benefits of guided meditation.

Guided Meditation for Sleep

One of the best guided meditations for sleep comes from Deepak Chopra, the well-famed meditation advisor who has made a name for himself by helping tens of thousands of people from all around the world to reap the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 48% of Americans have sleep problems. Sleeping is of paramount importance for a successful and thriving existence. However, many times sleep is a luxury we can’t afford to have. Even though we have it, we are struggling to fall asleep.

If you are part of those 48% unfortunate people who struggle to sleep and need two cups of coffee to fully wake up, then probably the best and thing you can do is to give guided meditation a try. You can go on YouTube and look for sleep guided meditation videos such as this one and buy a comprehensive guided meditation cd or book that teaches you how to fall asleep using this technique.

Choose from the vast amount of guided meditation techniques and learn how to enjoy once again a deep, restorative sleep. Learn how to relax your muscles, how to make your breathing deep and slow, and how to replace all those worries you are fighting with in your head with dreamlike images, similar to rainbows and unicorns.

Use the guided meditation of your choice every single night to fall asleep and sleep like a baby. Learn how to use the three main skills of sympathetic breathing, muscle relaxation and image replacing. With enough practice, you might find yourself in the dream world sooner than you’ve expected.

Is Guided Meditation Worth a Try?

Definitely. After several months of using deepak chopra guided meditation techniques combined with jack kornfield guided meditation, I can state that this technique has helped me regain my vitality and has enabled me to deal with all those negative emotions that have been stirred inside of me over the years.

With guided meditation on YouTube, consisting of tens of hours of examples and easy to understand videos that teach you how to meditate practically, this practice can be used by practically anyone, both children and adults. Take advantage of the amazing benefits of guided meditation and take your self-image to the next level. Additionally, use it in class to teach students and at home to teach your children.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditation practitioner, you can leverage the advantages of this technique and transform your life for good. Leave below a reply with your experience with guided meditation and I’ll be quick to answer.