In our advanced technological society, nothing is impossible anymore. Even the amazing technique of meditation has been improved by the use of sensory deprivation tanks. Also known as isolation tanks or flotation tanks, these modern devices are simply perfect for your meditation time.

Deprivation tanks were first developed back in 1954 by John C. Lilly. 16 years later, this practice has become known as REST, or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy. These modern devices are now widely used to promote calm and relaxation, improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, treat migraines and stress, increase motivation, diminish fear and facilitate freedom from phobias, bad habits or addictions.

A sensory deprivation tank can also be successfully used for meditation. With one of these devices, you can save precious time when meditating. Instead of 15 minutes a day, you can dive into a deep 30-minutes session a week by using floating tanks. Floatation therapy is now successfully used all around the world by experienced meditators and instructors who want to save time and reap the same benefits of meditation, multiplied exponentially.

What Actually is a Sensory Deprivation Float Tank?

A deprivation tank is a sleek fiberglass pod that is big enough for any person to fit inside and stretch his legs and arms without touching the sides. The tank is filled with a unique Epsom-salt solution and water. Once you get inside, you can put in your earplugs and listen to your favorite meditation music.

The water supports you and slowly becomes similar to your body temperature. Because of the movements and the general atmosphere, you have a feeling that gravity has totally disappeared and you feel like floating in space. It takes a little while for you to get used to the environment, but once you are there, you have reached a point of no return.

Flotation Therapy

The experiences you can have inside a sensory deprivation tank is exquisite. You can definitely look online for float tanks for sale in order to buy a float tank for your needs. The effects of floating in this device are numerous, and include:

– Stimulate right and left brain synchronization.

– Expand awareness, accelerate learning and improve acuteness of all sense.

– Create an improved mental clarity.

– Enhance self-hypnosis.

– Improve concentration and focus.

– Decrease the production of cortisol.

– Improve athletic performance.

– Speed up the healing process and help prevent sports injuries.

– Boost immune system.

– Relieve pain.

– Increase the production of endorphins.

As you can notice, deprivation tanks are perfect for meditation. With so many proven benefits, your meditation sessions could be radically improved and you will be able to capitalize on the huge benefits of your favorite meditation practice easier than ever before.

Buy Isolation Tanks

If you are looking for sensory deprivation tank for sale, try Samadhi float tank. This modern device is probably the most advanced version of an isolation tank. You can also go for an isopod float tank.

When it comes to the sensory deprivation tank price, you need to know that the median price of floatation tanks exceeds $10,000. You can also buy some cheaper models, but they are not made in the USA and not as effective as the well-famed Samadhi float tank.

Look on Google for float tanks for sale and choose your favorite model – you will not regret investing in one of these futuristic devices.